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garyloewenthal Interests

Baking, Beginners, Cooking for Two, Ethnic Cooking, Healthy Eating, Quick & Easy

garyloewenthal RECENT RECIPES

  • Kale with Peanut Dressing

    This is a wonderful way to enjoy kale. Easy to make, and hearty and filling, too!

    07/15/2011 09:03 PM

  • Tofurky-Cranberry Sandwich (or Wrap)

    This tasty sandwich is a quick and simple change of pace from "same old." It's also a nice way to use leftover cranberry sauce (hence its inclusion in the Christmas and Thanksgiving categories).

    06/25/2011 04:48 AM

  • General Tso's Vegan "Chicken"

    This tastes similar to the vegan General Tso's Chicken in the deli section of many Whole Foods Markets. So far, every meat-eater I've served it to has liked it, usually asking for seconds. The seitan gives the dish a meaty texture, the breading adds crispiness, the sauce is a pleasing blend of sweet and tart, and the broccoli provides crunch (and vitamins).

    06/08/2011 08:01 PM

  • Almost Asian Salad

    This quick and easy spinach salad with fruit, veggie, and carb toppings is simple enough so that you could make it any weeknight, but it has a touch of elegance which makes it suitable for an opening course of a fancier dinner.

    05/16/2011 10:42 PM

  • Lemon Ginger Pancakes

    The lemon and ginger conspire to give a fresh, satisfying taste to these pancakes. Familiar enough to be comfort food, different enough to be a nice change of pace.

    05/12/2011 04:54 PM

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