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We Know You Love Your Crockpot, But You’re About To Love It Even More

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Our crockpot is one of our favorite tools in the kitchen, and we’re pretty sure the same goes for you. However, it’s about to become your absolute flavor tool in the kitchen after you try this Teriyaki Chicken and Rice recipe!

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Go Beyond Those Basic Buffalo Wings With These Teriyaki Chicken Wings

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There are a whole plethora of wings other than those basic buffalo wings, and right now we’re just going to give you one example! Give these teriyaki chicken wings a try and you’re going to see exactly why we’re not having buffalo wings anymore.

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Skip The Bottle And Try Out These Upgraded Sauces! You Won’t Regret It

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Who needs bottled sauces anymore when you can make them even better right from the comfort of your own kitchen! These dishes all feature a homemade sauce that is commonly found in a bottle at your local grocery store. The twist is, that it taste even better than any of the ones you can buy!

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