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Food Court And Street Foods Made Better Right At Home

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There’s some surprisingly-delicious foods you can get from food courts and on the streets! If you didn’t know that, then get ready to be surprised by some of the best recipes you are ever going to try, trust us!

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Lunch Recipes That Are Sure To Make Everyone At Work A Little Jealous

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Lunch can really get boring most of the time, but not any longer! This collection features all of the best recipes you can pack away and give your brown paper bag a much needed upgrade! Check them out!

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These Tacos Al Pastor Will Complete Your Cinco De Mayo

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It Cinco De Mayo! What better way to celebrate than with mouthwatering tacos and margaritas?  This tacos al pastor recipe is just what your day is missing! Perfect for dinner tonight with your favorite salsa dip, chips, and of course margaritas, so get ready for this delicious combo!


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It’s Taco Tuesday! Celebrate With These Tacos

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Celebrate Taco Tuesday properly with these succulent shrimp tacos! Who doesn’t love a delectable taco with all the toppings and trimmings?  This shrimp recipe is sure to become a new household favorite, so pair it with your favorite sides and dig in!


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Put That Beer You Have To Work Tonight With This New Taco Recipe!

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It’s time to get creative with beer tonight, this mouthwatering fish taco recipe is just what you need in your life. Once you get a taste of the crisp savory taste of the beer battered fish, you’ll want a second helping! Who knew beer battered fish tacos could be this good?

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Light and Airy Tofu Tacos

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We know, we know. When tofu’s in a recipe, it’s usually bland and has the consistency of soaked cardboard. However, we’ve finally found a recipe which includes tofu that actually tastes good! These tacos are a wonderful meatless way to enjoy some delicious Tex-Mex flavor without piling on the calories. Serve these with some low-fat cheese, Greek yogurt, and freshly prepared guacamole on the side for a surprisingly healthy meal idea. If you’re feeling like making it a first atmosphere, you can prepare some whole fruit margaritas and really get the party started!

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