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An Eggplant, Squash, And Feta Sandwich That Will Make Anyone Love Vegetables

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Sandwiches are always an amazing vessel for any sort of food, but they can often get very repetitive. We always resort back to the same old classics that we all enjoyed when we were kids, but we’re adults now, so it’s time for a change. This Eggplant, Squash, And Feta Sandwich is the perfect change to your meal plan.

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These Mini Quiche With Squash Are The Perfect Appetizer For Any Party

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Are you having a party any time soon? Are you stressing out about what to make for all of your guests? Well, there’s no need to worry about that any more! We got you covered with this recipe for mini quiche with squash.

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These Make-Ahead Stuffed Baked Squash Are Going To Be One Of Your Go-To Recipes

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It’s always so hard to make dinner every single day, but you know what you can do? You can make all of your meals ahead of time, and this stuffed squash could become the perfect dish to really get your cooking done ahead of time.

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If You Have Some Squash In Your Refrigerator, This Galette Is The Perfect Way To Use It Up

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Do you have some squash and don’t know what to make with it? Well, don’t you worry about that anymore, because we have the perfect recipe for you! This galette is full of flavor, and guess what? It’s so easy to make! Curious about this recipe? You’re just going to have to keep reading to find out how to make it yourself.

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Keep Yourself Warm In The Fall With This Warm & Tasty Butternut Squash Soup

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In our honest opinion, we think that the fall has the best seasonal vegetables. We know, that may not be the opinion of everyone, but its ours. This recipe uses one of the best vegetables out there, and that is butternut squash. This soup is one of the best things you enjoy this fall, and you’ll know why soon.

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Impress Everyone With Brunch Today

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Kick back and relax today, treat yourself to a well-deserved brunch with this mouthwatering quiche recipe! Who doesn’t love brunch on the weekend with friends and family?  This recipe will become everyone’s new favorite, perfect for a family style brunch!

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Stay Warm With This Curry Squash Soup

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Beat the winter blues with this super delicious curry squash soup, perfect for these cold winter days and night.  Make it ahead and have it for lunch or even for dinner, pair with your favorite sandwich or crackers.  It’s so good it will become your newest favorite soup!


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You Haven’t Anything Like This Squash And Chicken Casserole

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Casseroles are a dinner fan favorite, simple to make and great for those lazy days around the house.  This filling squash and chicken casserole is perfect for any occasion, you’ve got to try out this delicious dish!


Keep reading for this recipe… You’ve really got to try this hearty filling dish,  great for these chilly nights and even better the next day.  This casserole is slow roasted with fresh chopped veggies and seasoned chicken that will leave you wanting seconds and maybe even thirds!  Everyone is sure to love this delicious casserole, so try it out tonight!

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The Best Roasted Butternut Squash & Pork You’ve Ever Had

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Everyone loves a good casserole, with the weather getting cooler this is the perfect time to enjoy this roasted butternut squash & pork bake.  So good you won’t want to share with your family.


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You’ve Got To Try This Amazing Garlic Butternut Squash Pasta

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Calling all squash lovers! Your new favorite dish has arrived, this pasta and roasted butternut squash dish will knock your socks off and have you getting seconds.  Easy to make and even easier to eat, where can you go wrong?

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