Spice | The Daily Dish - Part 2

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Take A Trip Down To Tennessee With This Recipe For Nashville Hot Chicken

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Who doesn’t love chicken. It’s cheap and you can basically cook anything with it. You know what can make chicken even better? Some spice! This recipes for Nashville-Style Hot Chicken will definitely switch things up at the dinner table.

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Try Out These Stuffed Peppers If You’re Looking To Eat Healthier But Still Eat Good Food

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Eating better doesn’t have to fell like you’re giving something up. Eating better should be a lifestyle change, something that you could do for the rest of your life. It shouldn’t be something that you do for a few months and then quit. The way to make a real change is to make it taste delicious, and that’s exactly what these stuffed peppers will do.

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Hop Into Your Time Machine, And Get Transported To The 70’s With This Spinach & Mushroom Quiche

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Do you ever think about what the food was like in the 1970’s? Those vintage recipes were actually pretty delicious, and now we’re putting our own tasty twist on what you know and love. This quiche will take you through a delicious time warp, and you’re never going to want to come back!

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Stay Warm This Winter With These Kickin’ Oven-Fried Eggplant Bites

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Do you know how to keep warm this winter? Well, you just gotta have some spice in your life! This simple and delicious eggplant bit recipe has the perfect amount of spice. This is gonna take your tastebuds on a wild ride or flavor, so don’t skip out and see exactly what we mean.

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Have Chorizo For Breakfast To Bring A Little Spice In Your Life

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Have you ever had chorizo before? If you haven’t, then let us explain to you exactly what it is. Chorizo is a sausage that has a little bit of a kick. It uses different types of spices to enhance the flavors of a sausage. This breakfast recipe is going to be one of those recipes you just can’t stop eating.

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