Sausage | The Daily Dish - Part 2

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These Mini Pizzas Are One Of Our Favorite Ways To Use Up Those Flatbreads

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Flatbreads are one of the most versatile pieces of foods you can have in your kitchen. You can make so many different recipes with it, like this delicious mini pizzas! They’re probably one of our favorite ways to use up those fresh and tasty flatbreads. You really have to check this recipe out.

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How You Can Use Canned Biscuits To Make These Delicious Italian Sausage Calzones

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Everyone loves pizza, but sometimes you can’t order a whole pizza for yourself. So you know what a good alternative for pizza is? How about a calzone! This simple but extremely delicious recipe is a great way to make your own calzone right at home! You’re really going to want to try this one out.

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Who Knew You Could Cook All This Food In A Foil Packet

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Everyone has some aluminum foil lying around their house, but did you know there’s a whole mess of food hacks with aluminum foil? There are so many surprising things you can do with aluminum foil that will make your summer cooking even better!

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Everyone Will Love These Sausage Rollups

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Need an idea for what to bring to the barbecue this weekend? These sausage rollups are just what you need, they’re so good everyone will be going back for more. Be the star of the barbecue with these savory rollups that are sure to be a hit!


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Make Tonight Pasta Night With This Rustic Recipe

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Everyone loves a hearty and rustic pasta dish, especially after a long week, what better way to end it than to enjoy a good dinner.  Perfect for any day of week, this pasta dish will be a great addition to dinner!


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