Pancakes | The Daily Dish - Part 2

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Do You Still Have Leftovers From Thanksgiving? Then Check Out These Onion And Potato Pancakes

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Leftovers never seem to end, especially when it comes to Thanksgiving. So instead of letting them just go to waste, repurpose them into something delicious with these Onion And Potato Pancakes. These potato pancakes are one of those recipes that will surprise you with how good they are!

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It’s Fall! That Means It’s Time Put Those Fresh Apples To Use!

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In our opinion, the Fall is most definitely the best season. Not only for the weather, but because of all the fresh fruits and vegetables that come with it. And if we had to pick just one fruit or vegetable to eat throughout the season, it would have to be apples! And if you’re looking for the best apple recipe, these Thick Fresh Apple Pancakes should be your first choice.

Fresh Apple Pancakes









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