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The Key to Happiness is… Staying Hydrated

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Various research show that humans can survive without drinking any water for about half a week to a week depending on individual physique and environmental conditions. But there is no reason to push ourselves to such limits while living a regular lifestyle. We need water beyond survival, and water being good for health is no newsflash.

Drinking water maintains homeostasis and retains necessary bodily fluids that aid with everything from digesting food, absorbing those nutrients, to carrying out normal bowel movements (aka, not being constipated). Staying hydrated also helps increase concentration, which can boost productivity, and alleviate sleep disorders, which can regulate sleep patterns and decrease stress.


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Low-Carb Recipes That Are Healthy, Hearty, And So Full Of Flavor

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People often think that making a recipe low-carb or healthier gets rid of everything that makes food so good, but that isn’t necessarily true.

Sure, sometimes it does, but this collection will show you that there are some really healthy recipes that don’t cut flavor, only calories.

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Put A Little Freshness On That Plate With These Healthy-ish Recipes

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Spring is coming around sooner than you think. So, if you were chowing down on all that comfort food throughout the winter, maybe you’ll want to check out these healthy-ish recipes that will get you ready for all those spring parties.

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Cut The Carbs But Not The Flavor With These Recipes

1 Comment | Written on February 22, 2019 at 10:45 am , by

Looking to cut some carbs out of your diet, but not looking to get rid of the heartiness and flavor? Well, we have the perfect collection for you.

This incredible collection features all sorts of tasty recipes that are loaded with flavor but cut the carbs in half!

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Easy And Delicious Ways To Replace All Those Unhealthy Ingredients

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As we ease into the end of the month, we’re still thinking of some ways to keep sticking to our new year’s resolution. And, you know what, we think that we’ve finally found the best way to do it.

If you’re looking for ways to stick to your resolution, then come and see the easy ways you could replace all those high caloric ingredients.

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Easy, Tasty, And Sneaky Ways To Get Some Veggies In Your Diet

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We know that a lot of vegetables can be a little boring, and we know that it’s kind of an ordeal to combine them into some delicious meals. But we’re looking to switch that up.

We’re looking to show you some fantastic recipes that will show you how to throw together some recipes that you won’t even know have veggies in them!

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Have Some Lighter, Tastier, And Easier Copycat Recipes To Make At Home

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Sure, you could go out and buy these delicious recipes, but that means you need to leave your house. Nobody wants to do that. Also, you never really know how many calories are in those dishes they serve you at the restaurants.

Our solution to all of this, just make these delicious recipes right in your own kitchen, so you know they’re gonna better, tastier, and all-around better for you!

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23 Recipes That Make Eating Healthier So Much Easier

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It’s the start of the new year, which means that we’re all AT LEAST trying to eat just a little bit better. However, saying it is one thing, but actually doing it is just a little bit harder, but not for much longer.

This recipe collection features so many ways to make eating better just that much easier. And how does it do that, you may ask? With some alternative fats and proteins, that is!

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That Time Of Year Has Come, The Time To Think Of “That” Resolution

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You know which resolution we’re talking about. The one that we make every year. The one that we promise ourselves that we’re going to finally stick to. The resolution about finally eating healthier is upon us, and you know what, this is finally the year we’re sticking to it!

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Eat Smarter And Eat Healthier This Week With These Guilt-Free Recipes

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Eating fast is something that comes with the quip of food mostly being pretty unhealthy. However, that doesn’t necessarily need to be the case!

These recipes come with all the taste and flavor that comes with salt-loaded foods, except we removed pretty much all of that but without all the unhealthiness.

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