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This Tomato and Goats Cheese Tartlet May Be Small But It’s Huge In Flavor

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You know, regular-sized tarts are all fine and dandy, but we tend to relate more deeply with tartlets. They’re mini, but the flavor on these little things are just as much as a regular tart, but it’s better because they’re small.

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This Combination Of Shrimp And Goat Cheese Crostinis Are Going To Be Your Favorite Appetizer

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The hardest part about planning any sort of party is deciding which sort of appetizers we’re going to be serving. But now, we’re tired of struggling what to make, and we know you’re tired too, so we’re going to help you out! This shrimp and goat cheese crostini is going to make your life so much easier and tastier!

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If You Have Some Squash In Your Refrigerator, This Galette Is The Perfect Way To Use It Up

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Do you have some squash and don’t know what to make with it? Well, don’t you worry about that anymore, because we have the perfect recipe for you! This galette is full of flavor, and guess what? It’s so easy to make! Curious about this recipe? You’re just going to have to keep reading to find out how to make it yourself.

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