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Easter sunday

Very Last-Minute Appetizers That Everyone Will Devour On Easter Sunday

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You’ve probably already decided what you’re servings for all those mains and sides on Easter Sunday, but what about all those appetizers? Have you thought about that?

Well, now you don’t have to think about it, because we’re bringing to you these delicious appetizers that you could throw together in just minutes!

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The Italian Easter Pie We’re Serving This Sunday

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Can you believe Easter is almost here? In case you weren’t as prepared as you’d like to be for this weekend’s festivities, we’re sharing one of our go-to Easter recipes. This recipe has been a staple in my family for decades. If you’ve never tried this hearty dish before, now is the time to give it a go. Italian Easter pies are a filling dish traditionally made with a rice and ricotta cheese filling. This pastry dish has a sweet cookie-like crust that taste likes heaven.

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