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easter leftovers

Have Some Leftover Meat From Easter? Here’s How To Use It All

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We know that you have some leftover meat in your fridge after the big Easter feast!

You probably don’t want to just keep on reheating and eating that stuff, right? Well, here are a bunch of tasty recipes that will show you exactly how to make all that meat taste even better than it did on Easter Sunday.

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This Ham-Burger Will Make You Miss Those Leftover When They’re Gone

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When you’re left with a whole bunch of leftovers it’s nice to know how to use them. Are you all out of ideas? You won’t be anymore! The solution to your dilemma is this amazing recipe for a Leftover Ham-Burger.

The possibilities you have with this Leftover Ham-Burger are endless. You can serve it cold or hot. We like it hot, only because who doesn’t love leftover cheese on top of hot leftover ham!? The cheese comes out ooey gooey and we love that.

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