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French Toast Is Already Decadent, But This Chocolate Banana French Toast Is Crazy

No Comments | Written on November 28, 2017 at 10:45 am , by

If we had to choose a favorite breakfast, french toast would definitely be in the top three. It is one of those dishes that you could mix & match flavors and tweak to fit your desires.

Speaking of fitting desires, if you’re wanting something sweet and decadent for breakfast, then check out this Chocolate Banana French Toast.

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Stay Warm This Fall & Winter By Devouring A Chocolate Mousse With Oreos

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We are in the midst of fall and winter is riding along on the coattails. So get prepared to stay inside, keep warm, and gain some of that winter weight with this amazingly-decadent dessert!

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The Best Desserts Should Always Be Decadent, Especially This Brownie Skillet

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Decadent desserts are our most favorite desserts. They really accentuate what dessert is supposed to be. So, whenever we want something sweet to close out our dinner, we always go towards the chocolate stuff. This recipe for a brownie skillet will really show you that decadence is the way to go.

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An Elegant Cupcake So Rich You’ll Savor Every Bite

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Muffin tins are one of the best inventions. Take a cupcake for instance, they’re known to be better than cake! Okay, maybe we just made that up but if we gave you a piece of chocolate cake and these Decadent Chocolate Cupcakes you’d definitely choose the rich cupcake. We have no doubt about it, I mean look at the thing it’s everything you’d want out of a dessert.

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You Won’t Get Enough Of This Indulgent Chicken

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Everyone loves a good chicken recipe, and this honey molasses glazed chicken drumstick recipe will be a new favorite.  Perfect for any day of the week, this decadent chicken recipe will leave you and your loved ones wanting more.


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