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Christmastime Desserts To Make Your Kitchen A Little More Festive

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It’s not really the holiday season until you start baking some holiday desserts, so how about we help you get started if you haven’t already?

Right here, in this delicious collection of Christmastime sweets, are all the desserts you’re going to need for the rest of the season!

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Now That Thanksgiving Is Over, It’s Time To Eat More Food

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Thanksgiving is finally over! Now you’re stuck with all those leftovers, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The Ultimate Leftover Turkey Sandwich is the perfect way to use up a ton of leftovers and have it taste amazing.

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Cranberries Are An Important Fall Dish, Use Them In This Easy Frutti Di Bosco

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There is never a greater time of the year to enjoy some baked goods, and Italian desserts and pastries are some of the best ones that money can buy. This recipe for an Easy Frutti Di Bosco will deliver the best of the fall flavors and Italian desserts.

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This Thanksgiving Sandwich Will Fix All Of Your Leftover Woes

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When it comes to Thanksgiving, everyone has leftovers, but sometimes just eating them are just a little too boring. So we’re going to help you out with something a little more interesting, something a little bit more flavorful.

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A Cranberry Sauce That Will Change Your Whole World

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Don’t you just love cranberry sauce? The color and the taste take us right to our Thanksgiving table, where our stomach rumbles and our mouth starts to water. But this time, you’re taste buds are taken on a new adventure; they become acquainted with cranberry sauce all over again. Wondering how?

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10 Best Cranberry Recipes

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I think cranberries are one of the unsung heroes of the holiday season.  These healthy and delicious little berries are incredibly versatile in a variety of recipes from beverages and appetizers through main dishes and, of course, dessert!

The following “10 Best Cranberry Recipes” utilize everything from fresh cranberries, to dried cranberries and even cranberry juice.

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