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This Slow-Cooked Chicken Verde Dinner Is A Winner, Winner

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Even if you’ve been on this site just once, you could probably already tell that we are huge fans of chicken and the crockpot. This recipe will have you falling into the same deep love of chicken and a crockpot that we are currently in.

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If You’re Having A Fourth Of July BBQ, Then You Should Serve Up These Shrimp Skewers

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Eating food off of a skewer always makes things easier. Why? It’s because you are able to keep one hand free to do whatever it is you want to do, and that is completely necessary at a Fourth of July BBQ.

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What is Cilantro? What is Parsley? How to tell the difference…

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I grew up in a household where we were always cooking.  Day in and day out for family meals, entertaining at holidays, or, more often than not, testing recipes for cooking contests.  My mom was constantly busy in the kitchen, which meant my dad was often given the task of running to the grocery store for a last minute essential ingredient.

Now, my dad is an excellent food taster and even better dishwasher, but the culinary arts are certainly not his forte.  Inevitably about 20 minutes after he left the house the phone would ring.  Before even picking up the receiver my mom would know, “Daddy has a question…”  This was a much better outcome than the times he would just guess then come home with the wrong ingredient.  I can remember many instances when my mom opened up the grocery bag, ready to finish off a recipe, and sighing, “Bill!  You got cilantro instead of parsley!”

For the novice cook, the difference between Italian Flat Leaf Parsley and Cilantro can be confusing at first since they are often located near each other in the produce aisle.  There is one very easy rule of thumb that can help anyone (even my dad) differentiate between the two.

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