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Make Breakfast A Little Different With These Over-The-Top Ideas

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Breakfast doesn’t always have to be the same. There are so many different things you can do in the mornings to make breakfast a little special, and this collection features some of the best ones.

Come and check out these delicious recipes if you’re looking for something to switch up your morning routine.

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Celebrate Chili Day With This Chorizo Chicken Chili On Toast

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There is nothing better in the winter than a warm and delicious bowl of chili. This amazing recipe for Chorizo Chicken Chili On Toast will make your mouth water and warm your bones even on the coldest winter night.

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Why Regular Sausage Should Replace All Your Hot Dogs Needs

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If there is one food that has become part of American culture, it has to be hot dogs. Sporting events, barbecues, parties, camping, and practically every other occasion is just another excuse to eat a few hot dogs. However, we think the reign of hot dogs should come to an end, and we think it should happen soon.

The good thing about our proposed replacement, is that it isn’t much different from a hot dog, it’s just so much better than a hot dog can ever be.

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Bring The Tastes Of The Southwest Into Your Kitchen

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Some of the best food in the United States can be found in the Southwest, but making a trip down to there can be a hassle for most of us. However, with cooking, you could bring the Southwest right into your own kitchen. This chili is going to bring a little spice into your life and change the way you enjoy chili!

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Have Chorizo For Breakfast To Bring A Little Spice In Your Life

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Have you ever had chorizo before? If you haven’t, then let us explain to you exactly what it is. Chorizo is a sausage that has a little bit of a kick. It uses different types of spices to enhance the flavors of a sausage. This breakfast recipe is going to be one of those recipes you just can’t stop eating.

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Spice Up Your Night With This Spicy Chorizo Paella

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Make this hearty casserole that is sure to be a hit at the dinner table! Try out this spicy chorizo rice casserole that is perfect for any night of the week.  Pair with your favorite Mexican sides and dig in!


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