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Get Your Fill Of Chicken This Slow Cook Roast Chicken and Vegetables

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If this isn’t the thousandth time we said this, then let it be heard, we absolutely love chicken and it may be our favorite meat out there. This recipe for a Slow Cook Roast Chicken and Vegetables is perfect for the Fall and even better to celebrate Crocktober.

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Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus Has Got To Be Our Favorite Appetizer

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Easter is right around the corner, so you better start preparing now! It’s hard to choose where to start, but we always think appetizers are a great place since they’re always the thing we leave for last minute. These Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus are the perfect starters for any dinner!

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Wok Your Way Into The Best Stir Fry Recipe

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Stop with the takeout and seriously consider making all of your stir fry recipes at home. It’s easy on your wallet and even easier on your kitchen. All you have to do is buy yourself some amazing ingredients and a huge skillet. Doable right? Not to mention, you’re going to have leftovers for days and days!

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Have You Tried This Mouthwatering Bacon-Wrapped Pork Recipe Yet?

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Who doesn’t love bacon?  Especially when its wrapped around pork chops and grilled to a tender perfection?  You have to try this super delicious gourmet pork chop recipe! Perfect for any night of the week, this savory pork chop recipe is done in a flash!

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Love A Classic Combo? Then You’ll Love This Beef and Veggie Recipe!

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You haven’t had anything like this classic steak and asparagus dish! Beef and vegetables are a classic combo that we all know and love, this recipe is just what you need in your life! Perfect for the busy nights when dinner is all but forgotten!

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Asiago-Crusted Roast Lemon Asparagus

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Lemon season is in full swing
, and we can’t stop finding new ways to use the citrus. One of our new favorite preparation methods for asparagus involves the humble fruit. This recipe is not only beautiful, but tastes delicious. The asiago crust adds a wonderfully nutty flavor to the side dish, and this recipe pairs perfectly with a broiled chicken breast or roast salmon.

Feel free to modify this recipe however you’d like. The juice from a blood orange in place of the lemon is fantastic, and green beans also work well in this simple and elegant side dish. If you’d like to try another type of cheese, we like a combination of Parmesan and Romano cheese as well.

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