Appetizers | The Daily Dish - Part 3

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Bite-Sized Pretzels You’ll Skip The Restaurant For

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I don’t know about you but we’re smack dab in the middle of Chicago and they’re bars all around us, so we love our bar food. Sometimes we even head out the bars as a group once or twice a week, but we tried something a little different this week. We made our favorite appetizer as a team, and let us tell you, they were better than any restaurant appetizer we’ve ever had.

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Looking For The Perfect Appetizer? Well This Ranch Pull-Apart Bread May Be The Perfect One

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Coming up with an interesting dinner is the easy part, but coming up with interesting appetizers is always the hardest part. This recipe is a simple and extremely-tasty recipe that will make the appetizers the easy part. So grab that loaf of bread and prepare to have one of the best recipes you can get your hands on.

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These Slow-Cooked Shrimp Tacos Are Going To Change Your Life

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Shrimp tacos are the absolute best! And what better way to make them than with this amazing crockpot recipe. We were surprised but how great this recipe was and now you can see exactly what we’re talking about.

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Potatoes Galore! Recipes That Use Up Your Potatoes In The Best Ways

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Do you love potatoes as much as we do? Well, if you do, then this is the perfect collection for you! It has everything you could ever hope for. From appetizers to mains, this is the collection for any potato lover!

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Who Needs Bacon When You Can Have Prosciutto?

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When it comes to cured meats, there is nothing like prosciutto. It’s salty, tasty, and goes well on absolutely anything! This collection is going to make you love prosciutto more than you can possibly love bacon. Trust us, it’s delicious!

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Looking For A New And Delicious Way To Start Off Your Dinner? Well Look No Further

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Deciding what to make for dinner is the easy part, but making the appetizers is actually pretty difficult. But not anymore! This collection will deliver some of the best appetizers you could ever ask for, and you won’t even have to break a step while doing it.

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You Have To Make This Mouthwatering Appetizer For Your Next Party!

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Who can say no to bacon?  These super delicious bacon-wrapped stuffed dates are just what you need to get the party started! You won’t believe your eyes once you get a bite of this mouthwatering recipe!


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Get The Holiday Party Started With These Stuffed Mushrooms!

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It’s Christmas Eve and time is dwindling down until Christmas, having party appetizers is a must! These crockpot stuffed mushrooms are here to save the day, perfect for the busy chef in the house with so much to do. Just stuff the mushrooms and place in the crockpot, turn it on and let the crockpot cook for you!


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Impress Your Family And Friends With These Mouth-Watering Meatballs, If You Don’t Eat Them All Yourself!

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Football season is coming, so it’s going to be time to start planning your menu for those Sunday football viewing parties. This season, do something different with your meatballs and serve them glazed in a sweet and tangy sauce. Your guests will be sure to love the twist on the classic appetizer and will spend more time asking you for the recipe than watching the game!

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Prepare To Eat The Tastiest Beer Battered Onion Rings EVER

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Beer batter is definitely one of those things that just happen to make everything taste so much better! These onion rings are going to be your go-to snack, and not just because they taste amazing but because they are so easy to make!

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