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Make Brunch Spectacular With This Bailey’s Hot Chocolate

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Whenever it comes to brunch, everyone just talks about the actual meal. And whenever anyone talk about which alcoholic beverage to drink for brunch, it’s usually just mimosas. We think that’s wrong. There is so much more room to improve brunch, and this Bailey’s Hot Chocolate is a great place to start.

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Now, we’re not gonna talk bad about mimosas, because we really love them. However, we think they’re a little more suited for he warmer weather. So when it starts to get cold, we need something that’s going to warm us right down to our bones, and that is this Bailey’s Hot Chocolate.

It’s nice and chocolatey like a hot chocolate should be, and it has all the other necessary components a hot chocolate should have, but that isn’t what makes this hot chocolate perfect for brunch.

What makes this a perfect winter brunch recipe is the alcohol. It is loaded to the brim with Bailey’s Irish Cream, which our go-to liqueur for the winter. And the final topper is the whipped cream. Once everything is mixed together, you have yourself a delicious little brunch drink.

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