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Eggplant And Curry? What Could Be Better Than That!?

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Eggplant has got to be one of our favorite vegetables, and once you add some curry to it, then how can this dish be bad? Answer: it can’t be! This recipe has got to be part of your dinner rotation!

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Curry has a really distinctive flavor. It is spicy, but not in the way hot sauce is spicy. The way we would describe curry is that it’s spicy, pungent, and layered with tasty aromatic flavors. This dish has so much layers of flavor, and it’s perfect to serve as a side or part of a main course.

Serve it with couscous, rice, a side salad, or you could even stuff it into a pita bread with some meat! We are honestly going to try throwing this into so many different recipes, maybe even a sandwich.

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