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Is It Really A Chili If It Doesn’t Have Some Beer In It?

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Chili is one of those dishes that we could eat all year around. There are so many different kinds of chili that you could make, and practically all of them will taste delicious. However, there is one thing that all chilis need, and that is beer!

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Protein, beans, vegetables, and beer. Those are the four major components that all chilis need. But the good thing about chili is that you can mix and match those things as you please. Want a vegetarian chili? Then go ahead and make one! You want some ground beef? Then this is the recipe for you!

This is a Mexican chili, which basically means that it has all the Mexican seasonings. However, there is one thing that makes this chili delicious. You’ve probably guessed it already. Yes, it’s beer! This chili uses a Mexican beer to really push those Latin American flavors. It’s a surprising combination that not many chilis have, and it is extremely delicious. You’re going to love it!

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