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There Is No Better Way To Use Ground Beef Than Meatballs

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Ground beef is one of those things that you can easily manipulate into hundreds of other dishes! However, there is one thing that makes ground beef into one of our favorite meats in the world, and that is meatballs! You’re not going to want to skip on these meatballs, they’re one for the recipe books.

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Not only are they meatballs, they are jumbo meatballs! The meat is seasoned to perfection, and they are cooked to a perfectly tender consistency! We had to mess around with the recipe in order to get it to the flavoring that we’ve come to love from meatballs, and that is because they are gigantic! You just have to see them to believe them, and don’t even get us started on the sauce. You know what? You just have to try them out immediately!

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