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There’s Nothing Better Than A Bread Bowl From Panera

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Do you love the bread bowls from Panera as much as we do? Well, we’re not sure that’s even possible because we love them almost more than any other food out there. However, sometimes waiting in line at Panera can be too much of a hassle. So, you know what? We’re just making them right at home!

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Just look at that delicious loaf of sourdough bread! It’s so crunchy and has a soft inside that absorbs any and every soup that you pour inside of it. And you know what is the best soup to have in it? BROCCOLI CHEDDAR! That soup is perfectly creamy and has a strong flavor that you wouldn’t really expect from just a soup.

Just look at that picture, look at how that bread is perfectly cooked and that soup is just being absorbed into the sides of that bowl. It’s one of the most perfect meals we’ve actually ever eaten.

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