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Pink Sangria for a Picnic in the Park

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It is a proven, scientific fact that this refreshing summertime beverage tastes better when served in a canning jar.

Ok, that might not exactly be true, but it does make it much easier to take this Pink Sangria on a picnic!

Keep reading for the recipe…

Last week we celebrated my sister’s 30th birthday with a picnic in Central Park.  I wanted to create a special drink for the festivities and pink is just her color.

This version uses rose wine, pink grapefruit juice and vodka.  The mixture is divided among six canning jars for easy transportation and serving.  Right before we left for the park I added frozen strawberries to the jars.  This helped keep the sangria nice and cold while imparting flavor and without watering down our drinks!

You know you want a sip of “Picnic Pink Sangria!”

Follow this link for the full recipe –>


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