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Celebrate Soft Pretzel Month and Other Ways to Use Dough!

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Have you ever went to the mall and smelled that fresh baked smell of soft pretzels, and then you can’t help yourself but to buy a couple? Well, now you can just make them at home! Happy Soft Pretzel Month!

Come celebrate one of our favorite foods with us but enjoying this collection of delicious ways to use up some fresh and pre-made dough.

Keep reading for the recipes…

This delicious collection is going to be one for the recipe books. Every single recipe in this slideshow is amongst the best things that we’ve veer eaten, literally!

We just can’t stop eating them. Every single pizza, pretzel, calzone, and other fresh dough recipe in this collection is way too tasty to skip out on! We were going to get more specific and tell you the recipes that aren this collection, but we just think you should see for yourself.

Click here for all the best recipes that will have you baking all the dough!

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