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More Ingredients!? We Only Need Five For These Recipes

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Have you ever gone onto a cooking website and they list 50 ingredients and you don’t even have half of them? Well, we’re cutting back on all of that.

Each and every one of these recipes only uses only five ingredients or fewer! S0, head into your kitchen and come and see what we have for you!

Keep reading for the recipes…Like we said before, each an every one of these delicious recipes only use five ingredients or less. And all the ingredients they use are practically guaranteed to be in your kitchen.

In this delicious collection, are recipes like: 5-Ingredient Chicken Cheddar Crescent, 5 Ingredient Guacamole, Simple 5 Ingredient Apple Pie, and so many other tasty recipes that will utilize all those delicious ingredients you have in your kitchen.

Click here for all of these five ingredient recipes! 

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