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Celebrate Zucchini And Cucumber This Summer By Eating These Recipes

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There are so many different summer fruits and vegetables, but there’s really only two that matter the most.

Highlighted in our flavorful slideshow, we’re bringing to you some of the tastiest recipes that use zucchini and cucumbers to the best of their abilities.

Keep reading for the recipes…

Sure, you can dice a zucchini or cucumber and throw it in a salad, but there are way more surprising and delicious things to do with the all-time best summer vegetable!

Well, just so it’s clear, zucchini and cucumber are not actually vegetables. Since they are seed-bearing, zucchini and cucumber are fruits. However, for the sake of semantics, we are just going to call these fruits “produce”.

So, to get back to what we were saying, this summer produce has so many uses. Uses such as: Zucchini Bacon Roll Ups, Herby Zucchini Fritters, Cucumber Potato Pancakes, Cucumber Salmon Cakes, and so many other zucchini and cucumber recipes!

After you check out these recipes, you’re going to head into your local grocer and buy all the zucchini and cucumber you can get!

Click here for all of our best and tastiest summer produce dishes!


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