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Celebrate BLT Month With These Amazing Sandwiches

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Sandwiches are one of the best ways to eat food, and we’re talking about every single meal. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a snack, sandwiches are just delicious.

This month is BLT Month, so we’re bringing to you some of our best BLTs and other sandwiches that you can eat all throughout the month of April!

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BLTs are one of the easiest sandwiches to put together, and they’re also the tastiest! Bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes. That’s all you need for the most basic version of a BLT, but you can switch it up as much as you want.

Throw some mayo in your sandwich to make it a BMLT. Throw in some avocados to make it a BALT. Or switch out the regular bacon for some turkey bacon and make it a TBLT.

There are so many different versions of a BLT, and all of them have the potential to be delicious.

If you’re interested in finding some new and delicious BLTs, then click here! There are also a bunch of other sandwiches in this collection too!

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