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Celebrate Chili Day With This Chorizo Chicken Chili On Toast

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There is nothing better in the winter than a warm and delicious bowl of chili. This amazing recipe for Chorizo Chicken Chili On Toast will make your mouth water and warm your bones even on the coldest winter night.

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In Cleveland, chili is the most important food on the planet. So, on National Chili Day, we should all live like the people of Cleveland and devour some chili!

This recipe for a Chorizo Chicken Chili On Toast is going to make you want to eat chili every single day of the week. It’s loaded with some delicious ingredients that will make your mouth water.

The chorizo adds a bit of spice to warm you up, the chicken adds some heartiness, and the tomatoes and oregano add some freshness that is much need for a hearty dish like this!

Also, while you don’t have to serve it on a slice of toast, we recommend it. It eats like an open-faced sandwich, so it’s perfect for a delicious lunch.

Click here for this and more chilis recipes for you to eat on National Chili Day! We also included some soups and stews to really keep you warm and cozy throughout the winter!

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