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Go Back To Your Childhood With These Classic Sloppy Joes

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Is there a food that just reminds you of childhood whenever you taste it? Well, for us it’s a classic sloppy joe. Something about a good sloppy joe just brings back some delicious memories. If you’re anything like us right now, then you’re going to want to check out this amazing recipe for a Classic Sloppy Joe!

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There are a few tricks to making a good sloppy joe, and they’re mostly in the sauce. What we basically mean is that you better make sure you add a ton of ketchup and barbecue sauce.

That’s one of the secrets to making a great sloppy joe, the other secret is making sure that you have a hearty bun. If you have a bun that’s not thick enough, then your bread will get soggy and your sloppy joe will fall apart.

Once you get all these things done, all you have to do is make some fries or grab your favorite potato chips and eat!

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