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Who Says You Can Only Eat Paczki One Day A Year?

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If you’ve ever celebrated Fat Tuesday, then you most definitely have had some paczki. They are a Polish pastry that is really similar to a jelly doughnut, but with some differences. Are you interested to find out how to make them? Then you’re just going to have to keep reading to find out.

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To get the full experience of what paczki are, we recommend that you go to your closest Polish bakery and get yourself a few dozen of these pastries. However, if you want to try and make them yourself, then we’ll walk you through it.

Traditional¬†paczki are deep-fried in lard, but we took a route that’s a little healthier and baked them. It’s usually a little arbitrary to try and make desserts healthier, but you know, new year, new me.

We also marked the filling as optional because some people don’t like filled doughnuts, but just know that traditional paczki are filled with some sort of berry jam. So, if you’re going to take the traditional route, then you need to fill your paczki.

To finish this off, we topped our paczki with confectioner’s sugar, which is completely optional, but we do highly recommend it.

This amazing recipe is waiting for you right here, along with many other doughnuts that are perfect to help you celebrate Glazed Doughnut Day!

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