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It’s Fall! That Means It’s Time Put Those Fresh Apples To Use!

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In our opinion, the Fall is most definitely the best season. Not only for the weather, but because of all the fresh fruits and vegetables that come with it. And if we had to pick just one fruit or vegetable to eat throughout the season, it would have to be apples! And if you’re looking for the best apple recipe, these Thick Fresh Apple Pancakes should be your first choice.

Fresh Apple Pancakes









Keep reading for the recipe…This simple recipe is really pushing the boundaries on what apples can really do in cooking. They’re fresh, flavorful, and could be eaten for breakfast or used as a component in a dessert.

With a little bit of cinnamon and scoop of vanilla ice cream, you got yourself a quick and easy dessert. Or put some butter and maple syrup on them, and you got yourself an amazing breakfast. It’s actually that easy! Our mouths are already watering just thinking about making these fresh and flavorful recipe.

What are you waiting for? Get out to the orchard and pick some of the best and freshest apples you could get your hands on!

Click here for this and more apple recipes!

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