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Yes, You Can Make A Quiche In The Microwave And It Is Delicious

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The microwave is one of those things that people only use to reheat food, but you can actually use it for so much more than that. This recipe for a Microwave Quiche will change the way you look at and use your microwave!

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There are so many other uses for your microwave than just reheating food. You can make desserts, dinners, lunches, and so many other stuff by just setting the time. This recipe for a quiche is a great way of kickstarting your new-found love of the microwave.

We all know what a quiche is. Eggs with some other ingredients thrown in for flavor and whatnot. This recipe keeps it simple. Tomatoes, herbs, cheese, and some salt and pepper. It’s actually that simple. You can even throw in some meat if you’re feeling it. The great thing about a quiche is not only how easy it is, it’s that you can really enjoy it for every and any meal of the day. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

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