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Forget Spring Cleaning, It’s Time For Some Fall Cleaning

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Everyone knows about spring cleaning, and everyone probably participates in it. However, we think that fall cleaning is much more important. You have to clear those shelves of all that stuff you bought in the summer but never used. You have to make room for all those heartier ingredients.

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This recipe for Ramen Noodles With Mushrooms and Bok Choy is an easy way to clean out the pantry and fridge while still delivering a delicious recipe.

Just pull those old ramen noodles out of your pantry, cook some of those leftover mushrooms and veggies, and get to enjoying this incredible recipe for ramen that tastes like something you could get at one of those upscale ramen joints that are opening up around every city these days.

It’s a simple recipe that will clear some cabinets while delivering some really tasty food. And if you don’t have these ingredients at home, then we recommend buying some so you could enjoy this dish, because it’s honestly just that good.

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