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You Don’t Need To Go Out To Enjoy Some Takeout

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Do you love takeout, but hate the waiting? Well, we’re on the same boat as you. We love everything about takeout. The egg rolls, the orange chicken, the beef & broccoli, and, most importantly, the fried rice. This amazing recipe for fried rice will have you wanting to make all your takeout needs right at home.

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It’s not really takeout unless you get some fried rice, and we think that we’ve perfected that recipe. This Sesame Fried Rice is honestly one of the best takeout copycats that we’ve ever had. It’s so simple, and so easy to make, but it packs a wallop of flavor.

It’s filled with mushrooms, ginger, soy sauce, and so many other magnificent ingredients. So now, when you’re thinking of buying some takeout, remember that you could make this magnificent recipe right in your own kitchen. And it’ll take you less time than the delivery!

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