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Sweet Potatoes For Breakfast? Yes, And You’re Gonna Love It

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Sweet potatoes are probably one of our favorite ingredients. They’re so versatile, and they taste absolutely amazing. In this recipe, we’re using sweet potatoes in such as flavorful way. We’re putting these ingredients to work in a delicious Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl.

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After eating this incredible recipe, you’re going to want to have sweet potatoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every single day. Within this breakfast bowl, the potatoes are perfectly cooked, the egg is cooked to the right style, and all the other ingredients in this recipe are working together to create a breakfast dish that is extraordinary!

Let’s get back to the sweet potatoes. They add a tenderness and heartiness to breakfast that will get you through the mornings. They add the right amount of sweetness that isn’t overpowering in any sense. This breakfast is actually perfect. No exaggeration, it’s actually perfect.

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