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In The Question For Best Type Of Fry, Curly Fries Need To Be Considered

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Since the creation of fries, there has always been the discussion of which is the best. The problem is, since the creation of fries, there has been so many different iterations. Steak fries, crinkle fries, waffle fries, and so many other. However, we think that there’s one type that fails to get mentioned, and that is the curly fry.

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Ignored by so many consumers and restaurants, curly fries have been left out of the fryer for way too long, and we have no idea why that is the case.

They are so different from all other fries, and that is such a good thing, also, it’s not only because they look different from all other fries. They’re seasoned so differently with punch of flavor that is exceptional. It’s actually somewhat spicy and layered with so much flavor. That makes them perfect for dipping in practically any type of sauce.

Where as other fries only work in ketchup, curly fries work in a plethora of different sauces (horsey sauce, for example, works perfectly and tastes phenomenal). Because of the curls, these fries are able to hold the sauce so much better than any other type of fry. Maybe waffle fries are close in competition, but that’s debatable, also.

It seems like every single restaurant refuses to accept the dominance of curly fries, there has been one place that has been serving up these fries for over 50 years, and that delicious restaurant is Arby’s.

This recipe is angled towards the recipe that Arby’s perfected. It has the perfect amount of spice, it’s fried perfect, and the outside is crisp while the inside is soft.

Get your hands on these curly fries, and you’ll see exactly what we mean when we say that curly fries need to be high on your list of the best type of fry.

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