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This Fig Pastry Is Going To Be Your New Favorite Dessert

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Not many people have tried figs before, and we think that’s a travesty! Figs are so delicious. They add a little bit of tartness and a bit of sweetness to everything that they’re combined with. This pastry is going to be one of your favorite desserts, we guarantee it!

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There are so many good things about figs. They are sweet, tart, and so full of flavor! However, there are way more things that are so tasty about them.

First of all, they can be eaten raw. When eaten raw, figs hold a much more tart flavor than when they are cooked, which is so delicious. Second, they can be baked and eaten on their own. When cooked, figs are a little more sweet. They’re soft and they are so full of sweetness and are still very tart. And third, figs are perfect in practically any dessert.

This pastry is so full of that delicious fig flavor, and the actual pastry is perfectly crisp and crunchy. We used crescent roll dough to really exemplify that buttery flavor that complements the figs and to make sure that the dough is always crispy.

You’re going to absolutely love this one. It’s so easy and it’s something brand new to add on to your dessert book!

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