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Switch Up The Basic Full-English Breakfast By Adding Some Waffles

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All throughout England, the “Full-English” has pretty much been kept exactly the same. Bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast, beans, and sausage are the mainstay of this classic breakfast, however, we think it could use a little upgrade. Now, some people might see this as somewhat of sacrilege, but we think that the toast could be replaced with some delicious, buttery, flakey waffles.

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Looking at that picture, you could see that this full-english breakfast is a little different from most. First of all, not all of this breakfast is fried, like most full-english breakfasts usually are. This recipe is a little fresher with the inclusion of mixed greens and fresh cherry tomatoes, which adds a little bit of depth to this delicious recipe. But the main change has got to be the waffle.

We have no idea why this wasn’t something that didn’t happen before. The waffles are inherently buttery, and they basically are just a better replacement to toast. They absorb all of those juices from the baked beans and the yolk from the eggs. It’s actually just a perfect combination that we think is underrepresented in the culinary world.

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