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You Don’t Have To Take A Trip To Louisiana To Have An Authentic Muffuletta

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In the United States, there are so many different and delicious types of foods. And so many cities and states with incredible regional foods, but there are certain places that have foods better than the others, such as, Louisiana.

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One of our favorite types of food has got to be sandwiches. They are so versatile, and every single region of the United States has its own sandwich. And one of the best sandwiches has got to one Louisiana’s very own, the Muffuletta.

Typically, the you go down to Louisiana and order a Muffuletta, it’s a very larger sandwich. It’s meant to be shared. It’s filled with different kinds of deli meats, deli cheeses, vegetables, and the most important part, an olive salad.

The olive salad is what makes a Muffuletta standout from any other deli sandwich. That is where most of the flavor comes from, because it acts as a sauce and adds texture to the sandwich it self. Also, any of the olive salad that falls out can act as a second meal.

This sandwich is just perfect, but it isn’t the only thing that’s delicious from Louisiana. There are so many different types of food that are delicious from there, and we recommend you try every single one of them.

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