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Carnival Favorites Made Right In Your Own Kitchen: Deep-Fried Oreos

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Deep-fried Oreos. No matter how many times we hear that these treats are very unhealthy, we just cannot stop eating them. They are way too good to pass up, and they are actually really easy to make.

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Going to the carnival is always a great time. The crowds, the games, the rides, and — most importantly — the food!

Some of the best foods at carnivals are things that you wouldn’t normally eat, or a different take on something that you always see on grocery shelves. One of our most favorite carnival food has to be deep-fried Oreos. They are loaded with flavor from both the batter and the cookie itself.

Since Oreos are already delicious, you know that deep-frying it will just make it even better, and that is exactly what happens. The cookies develop a somewhat sweet-and-savory flavor. The cookie continues to have a crunch, but they are a little softer than normal, which is amazing.

Now, you don’t even have to go to the carnival to have this treat. You can make it right at home, any time you want. We hope that this doesn’t ruin the general fun of this amazing treat, we hope that this will just make you want to try out a bunch of new things with those typical ingredients you see all of the time.

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