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Hop Onto The New Ramen Trend With This Shoyu Ramen With Chicken

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Ramen is the hot new trend when it comes to food, and we couldn’t be happier about that. It’s such a flavorful dish that not many people appreciate. There’s so much work that goes into making a delicious bowl of ramen and now we’re happy to share with you this popular Shoyu Ramen with Chicken.

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We’re going to start out by saying that making a bowl of ramen is an extremely-difficult dish to perfect. There are so many different parts that need to be combined perfectly in order for this dish to be put over the top, but we’re going to start off with the most important part, the broth.

There are some bowls of ramen that have the broth cooking for hours, sometimes even days, in order for all that flavor to be extracted. However, this we’re not going to make you do all of that. This broth has all the flavor of a broth that has been cooking for hours, but just without all the time. Now that we have that all out of the way, we can talk about the individual pieces. The chicken is not seasoned in any major way, because that would add too much salt to this dish, so be careful when you’re making it.

Now, we want to tell you about this whole dish, but that would spoil the surprise. All we can tell you is that the eggs are something special and you’re going to want to check them out.

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