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If You Didn’t Like Eggs Before, You Will Now

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We love eggs over here, but we know there’s a lot of people out there that don’t. We’re not sure if it’s the texture, the flavor, the yolk, or what. However, what we do know, there are plenty of ways to cook eggs and there has to be at least one way to get anyone to love eggs, and we think we found it out!

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Beets and eggs, a combination made in the peaks of nirvana! The beats are made into a sauce and the sunny side up eggs add even more creaminess to this already delicious dish. And adding it onto the toast makes it have plenty of different textures, so you won’t just be eating something soft. Then the chickpeas and capers add some brininess and crunch to this perfect dish.

So, if this dish doesn’t make you love eggs by now, then we have 12 more recipes that might!

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