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There’s Nothing Better Than Some Good Ol’ Hash Brown Patties

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When it comes down to it, potatoes are delicious no matter which way you cook them. Baked, fried, stuffed, or any other way. However, there are two ways that are definitively the best way to cook and eat potatoes. First comes the fries. We all know they are delicious, so not much needs to be said about them. Second, which may be up for debate for some people, is hash browns!

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They’re fried, tender, salty, and every other descriptive word for delicious. Another reason they’re so tasty is that you can practically dip them in anything and they’ll taste good. Imagine dipping fries in apple sauce, we can’t imagine that would be very good. However, hash browns with apple sauce and sour cream is a solid combination that is absolutely perfect.

What else can we say about hash browns? Oh yes, you can toss some scallions in the batter or you can add some other vegetables into it. The choices are practically endless, and we’re not even kidding about that one.

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