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Get Your Food A Little Drunk By Making These Drunk Mussels

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Alcohol makes practically everything better and food is no exception to that. It delivers a punch of flavor and really changes the way you cook! These mussels are made using white wine and that is what gives this dish a delicious punch!

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Mussels are one of those underrated ingredients that a lot of people don’t try and cook. However, we think this recipe is going to change people’s minds about all of that. First of all, they actually aren’t that hard to make, all you have to do is pay attention because they can overcook pretty fast. Second, the flavors of mussels are too good to pass up. They don’t taste like any other seafood, so this is the only way to get the flavor.

The way the white wine flavors these mussels is like nothing we’ve ever tried before. And the spices and herbs really seeps into the meat of these little morsels of flavor. We’re excited to hear how much you like these, or maybe you don’t like them. So whether you do or you don’t, please let us know how we could improve our dish.

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