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Skip The Bar And Make This Crispy Onion Burger Right At Home

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When it comes to food, bars tend to have some of the most interesting and appetizing looking foods. However, going to a bar can be a little overwhelming because of all of the people that flood into them. Now, with this amazing recipe, you can make a delicious Crispy Onion Burger that tastes better than any bar in the United States.

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A juicy patty, crispy onions, and all of the fixings make this burger one of the best burgers we’ve ever actually had. And how can we forget the bacon! The bacon really makes this burger shine above the rest of them! The great thing about burgers too, is that you can really do anything you want with them once you have the base done. Toss some cheese on them, toss some fries, or how about some mustard, or do whatever you want with it. The choices are practically endless!

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