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French Crepes You’ll Go Banana’s Over

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We have two words for you, Banana Crepes. They have to be the best two words you’ve heard all day! At least we hope, only because those two words have changed our breakfast for all of time and we know that they’ll change yours too. Talk about breakfast goals!

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Just imagine it now, waking up every Sunday morning to this French delicacy. Wow, right? We know! We had the same reaction.

These Banana Crepes have become a big part of our mornings; meaning that they’ll become a breakfast must have for you too, without any doubt! Trust us, after having a bite you’re just going to be craving them nonstop.

The best part about this crepe recipe is that the bananas can be traded for other fruits! No matter what, everyone will be sure to love these! Feel free to fix up the filling and the toppings. It’s your breakfast and you’re going to want to make it worthwhile!

Click here for the recipe and more breakfast recipes from around the world!

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