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Can’t Pie Me Love Or Can You?

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Valentine’s Day has arrived and we know that you’re obsessed with heart shaped treats as much as we are. So, let us introduce you to our favorite treat of the evening. Can’t Pie Me Love: Heart-Shaped Cherry Pies For Your Sweetie are just darling!

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If you didn’t think you “could pie you love” then you haven’t had these perfect pies in your life before. Not only will these treats be a success for you, but they’ll be perfect for your sweetie.

Just bring your baking skills to the kitchen and you won’t believe how full your heart will be after your sweetie takes a bite out of these tasty heart-shaped cherry pies. The smile on their face will seriously make you consider making a sweet treat for that special someone more than you ever have before.

Let these cherry pies be a reminder that baked treats can go a long way. This heart-shaped pie is definitely the way to your sweeties’ heart.

Click here for the recipe and more Valentine’s Day sweets!

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