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Get Warm And Cozy With This Creamy Tomato Bisque With Bacon

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From the windows freezing over, to having to wear seven layers of clothes, and all that shoveling of snow, winter is finally here! This is the season you’ve been waiting for or if you are already wishing it was the middle of July, we’re going to have to get used to this cold for a little bit. So what better way to warm yourself up then with this delicious Tomato Bisque With Bacon.

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Don’t want to freeze out there, so get back in that house, make this soup, and prop yourself up on that couch because it’s gonna be a long winter. You could enjoy this throughout the whole season because you’re never going to get tired of the flavor. From the creaminess of the soup, to the crispness of the bacon, there is absolutely nothing that feels out of place in this soup. Check it out and tell us exactly what you think.

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