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The Only Pizza You Need Is A Hawaiian Pizza

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Get on that Hawaiian pizza train because it’ll be the best decision you’ll ever make. Feeling a little hesitant? Don’t be! The flavors go perfectly together and after just one bite you’ll be nothing but smiley.

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The sweetness from the pineapple and the saltiness from the ham is probably the best combination known to man. Just dip it in some ranch and you’ll be on your way to a taste bud party.

Make this pizza for your family and friends! Don’t make any other pizza, because you need to make this a revolutionary experience for them. NO OTHER PIZZA TOPPINGS ALLOWED.

You see how we capitalized every letter in that sentence? That was on purpose. We mean it, no exceptions. You’re on a mission to fall in love with pizza all over again, so why not get everyone else on the Hawaiian pizza train while you’re at it? All you need is pineapples and pizza. Just you wait and see.

Click here for this recipe and more like it.

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