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Savory Breakfast Muffins That Are Easier Than You Thought

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If you aren’t a morning person like most of us, you’re going to love these Ham And Spinach Muffins. You can forget about making a mess in your kitchen and focus on the main prize: breakfast! Because you’re going to need something to pair with all those cups of coffee you’re about to have.

Keep reading for the recipe.

Get started on your breakfast before that coffee gets to your head, and if it already has, that’s okay too. Breakfast has never been easier and mess friendly. Just dump all of the ingredients into a bowl and pour the mixture into some muffin tins.

You’re going to want to have these savory muffins on all busy and unbearable mornings. They’re definitely going to put pep in your step, and you’ll be glad you got out of bed. Well, maybe not completely but you’ll have an amazing breakfast.

They’re in the oven for 20 minutes, put the timer on and take a quick power nap. It’s never the early to take a nap. Let us know how your morning went with these Ham And Spinach Muffins. We’re dying to know!

Click here for the recipe and more like it. 

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